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double 0 is a band that hails from Michigan City, IN and has been trying to push the envelope with sound barriers in rock music. double 0 is basically 3 people who have known each other for a long time and have played in several different bands over the years, finally getting together to try and create something real! By the lyrics of their songs you can definitely tell that it is real. The recording "On the D.L." can only be described as rock music at it's purist form-combining blues, funk, reggae, jazz, and of course straight rock n' roll.

double 0 has been performing live @ taverns, coffee shops and hall shows and are hoping with the advent of this recording to play @ larger clubs across Chicagoland. If you are a promoter and would like booking information click here.

If you would like to receive informaition about upcoming shows via e-mail or postal mail click here.

double 0 is:

Jason Bland: Guitar/Vocals
Chris Hoekstra: Bass/Vocals
Tim Post: Drums